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Rethinking Insurgent Masculinity in the People’s War in Nepal

A more comprehensive assessment of impact would benefit from an in-depth analysis of how the implementation of Women, Peace and Security measures have contributed to changes in dominant notions of masculinity within military organizations, or how they have impacted on male perceptions of women, both in the organization and outside of it.

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Is women’s economic empowerment the key to global prosperity and peace?

At the World Economic Forum this week in Davos, we have heard what has become an annual refrain: the underrepresentation of women in business is a missed opportunity for both the economy and society. UN Women agreed, arguing this week that if our globalized economy is to bring equitable progress for all, investing in women’s economic empowerment is a must. Women’s economic empowerment is also increasingly recognised as an important part of peacebuilding by the United Nations. In last year’s Open Debate on Women, Peace and Security (WPS). The UN Secretary-General rightly called women’s economic disempowerment “both a cause and an effect of conflict”.

This claim is backed up by decades of feminist research into the gendered political economies of war…

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