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Congratulations to Kate Paarlberg-Kvam, the winner of our 2017 Enloe Award for her article "What’s to come is more complicated: feminist visions of peace in Colombia" which is now published online!

If you haven't already checked out our latest issue - 20(3) - you might want to: There's work on reproductive justice, sexual violence, the military, migration and human rights. We have it all!

About the Journal

International Feminist Journal of Politics (IFJP) is the leading source of cutting-edge research at the intersection of global politics, feminist, gender and queer scholarship, and activism. Developed by a team of prominent feminist scholars, this journal brings together some of the most influential figures in the field to build a global community of critical and engaged writers and readers. It also seeks to provide a platform for voices from around the world that have not found genuinely open spaces for expression and engagement.

This journal features research on feminism, gender, and sexuality through a range of sites including:

  • Comparative politics

  • Conflict studies

  • Cultural studies

  • Development studies

  • Global politics

  • International law

  • International political economy

  • International relations

  • Peace research

  • Political geography

  • Political theory

  • Security studies

IFJP publishes the full range of theoretical and methodological approaches utilized in these disciplines, as well as articles that break theoretical, methodological, and disciplinary boundaries.

The main section of the journal features full-length articles, while the Conversations section includes an eclectic variety of contributions such as interviews, conference reports, poetry, visual art, performance or installation reflections and film readings. The book review section includes review articles as well as individual book reviews.

Feminist scholarship has always entailed taking responsibility for and taking a stand on the relationship between politics and knowledge. The distinctive feminist contribution of the IFJP’s pages comes from its authors’ bringing insights from and for feminist, queer, and anti-racist struggles in their varied forms around the world.