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Call for Papers IFJP 2020 conference - "Subversions and Solidarities through Feminist Collaborations and Crossings"

The International Feminist Journal of Politics 

The 9th Annual IFJP Conference

March 6-7, 2020

Vanderbilt University, USA

This conference seeks to bring together scholars and practitioners for an interdisciplinary, global exploration of how feminist scholars of gender work with the challenges of differences. We welcome submissions that address this topic substantively and methodologically, in theory and in practice, in our engagement and in our play. 

Questions that might be considered include:

  • What are the political implications across and for differences of the metaphors and framings we use to talk about differences, including (in English) crossings, bridging, insider-outsider, outsider within, lugar de fala, 求同存异, sororidad en la diversidad, (send us yours so that we can update the call)…

  • What do we mean by difference? Visible and invisible axes of political difference, including class, caste, race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religion, military service, incarceration, or genetic information.

  • If we think that Audre Lorde is right about the “creative function of difference in our lives,” why is collaboration across difference a persistent challenge?

  • How do women’s and/or feminist movements and social movements that center gender collaborate across differences?

  • How do academics collaborate across differences?

  • What is collaboration? What might it mean or look like? 

  • What are the possibilities for collaboration between activists and academics?

  • What theories are manifest in the work of women’s movement organizations?

  • What are the seeds of successful collaboration and solidarity?

  • How do women’s movements build alliances and bridges?

  • What are the practical implications of feminist research in any arena?

  • Is policy impact important for us? If so, in what ways?

Proposals are encouraged from/about any continent, field, and issue area. We are also open to diverse methodological frames. We particularly encourage collaborative proposals: papers by co-authors, co-authors who cross difference, activist/academic co-workers, and feminists in the policy space and full panel submissions. Would you like to meet a feminist on our editorial board or international advisory board and be on a panel with them? Contact someone and share your interests. Assembling an IFJP proposal is an opportunity to cross boundaries and build solidarities.

Limited competitive travel grants will be available and only to those who complete their papers two months prior to the conference. In addition, special funding will be available for those interested in putting together proposals to edit the journal for the next (2022-2025) editorial term. Guidelines for applying for these funds will be available prior to the submission deadline, but are not yet ready. Please watch this site for further information or reach out to the IFJP Editors to express your interest.

Conference organization is directed at stimulating provocative feminist exchanges on international political issues and questions and supporting the development of publications for IFJP. Besides traditional panels, it will include hands-on intensive research workshops and conference-wide plenaries, as well as sessions on the academic publication process. As with other IFJP conferences, we expect the IFJP to publish a special issue or section dedicated to work from this conference.

  • Traditional Panels consist of 3-5 paper presenters and a chair. (We also invite suggestions or proposals for different ways to organize panels).

  • Intensive Research Workshops consist of three paper presenters and a chair, but instead of a traditional format, the panelists, chair, and pre-registered audience members will be sent the papers to read in advance. At the workshop, participants will spend approximately 30 minutes workshopping each of the papers.

  • Feminist Critical Conversations Plenaries provide a vibrant opportunity to discuss issues vital to the journal and its target audience. Each panel will be conducted with the entire conference audience.

  • Publication Sessions include “Writing an article and getting it published” and “Writing a book and getting it published.”

  • Artistic/Creative Expression include performance, poetry, visual, movie, doc, art, music, theater or other submission.

Note: Only those proposing workshop papers will be considered for travel funding (see Intensive Research Workshops above). Workshop papers must be submitted by January 5. For those who have been awarded travel funding, funds will be disbursed upon receipt of the paper.

Conference acceptances will be sent in October 2019.

IFJP Special Conversations Section - "Gendered Global Health Beyond Reproductive Health/Justice"

The Conversations section is an innovative intervention by the International Feminist Journal of Politics which aims to offer space and opportunity to make strong theoretical and practical contributions to feminist debates that do not necessarily take standard academic forms. It typically includes interviews with prominent or early career scholars, practitioners, and activists; narratives and short stories; photo essays, artistic pieces, and poetry; film readings; conference reports; and other “non-traditional” modes of scholarly writing.

We are now inviting submissions on the theme: "Gendered Global Health Beyond Reproductive Health/Justice". Interested authors are invited to reflect on the possibilities of reimagining feminist global health beyond the boundaries of reproduction and sexualities, to include broader issues of gendered life and death. Within this topic, we encourage a diverse array of related reflections, which might include questions of  ageing and IR, queer global health beyond HIV/AIDS, among others.

We encourage submissions that engage diversity of content in terms of format, topic, author location, and seniority.

Submissions should be between 2,000 and 3,000 words including bibliography. Please also upload a biographical note and five keywords. Make sure to edit it thoroughly for language and clarity, and format it to correspond to the Taylor & Francis guidelines.

Conversations pieces are internally peer reviewed by all the IFJP editors, including the Conversations Co-Editors: Catia C. Confortini (Wellesley College, USA) and Natália Maria Félix de Souza (Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, Brazil).

Feel free to contact us with questions | For general questions about the Conversations section, please refer to our FAQs also.