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Calls for Papers

IFJP Special Conversations Section - "Popular Art and Epistemic Violence/Justice"

The Conversations section is an innovative intervention by the International Feminist Journal of Politics which aims to offer space and opportunity to make strong theoretical and practical contributions to feminist debates that do not necessarily take standard academic forms. It typically includes interviews with prominent or early career scholars, practitioners, and activists; narratives and short stories; photo essays, artistic pieces, and poetry; film readings; conference reports; and other “non-traditional” modes of scholarly writing.

Aiming to interrogate different possibilities in which cultural and artistic renditions can create inclusive and just epistemic communities, which resist epistemic violence, we now invite submissions that explore the following questions:

  • How does popular cultural and aesthetic renditions (such as literature, poems, plays) help to disrupt the boundaries of the academic field of international relations?

  • How can cultural and aesthetic renditions in the global South disrupt western accounts of knowledge and subject production and address issues of epistemic justice/violence?

  • How is art in the peripheries contributing to the creation of gendered, racial and epistemic justice more generally?

  • How can indigenous cosmologies and cultural practices open distinct ways of approaching social and political interactions, which include different experiences of sexuality, gender, community, spirituality?

  • How can popular art help to reconceptualize subjectivity and defy the normative boundaries demarcating the traditional subjects and objects of international politics?

We encourage submissions that engage diversity of content in terms of format, topic, author location, and seniority.

Submissions should be between 2,000 and 3,000 words including bibliography. Please also upload a biographical note and five keywords. Make sure to edit it thoroughly for language and clarity, and format it to correspond to the Taylor & Francis guidelines.

Conversations pieces are internally peer reviewed by all the IFJP editors, including the Conversations Co-Editors: Catia C. Confortini (Wellesley College, USA) and Natália Maria Félix de Souza (Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, Brazil).
Feel free to contact us with questions | For general questions about the Conversations section, please refer to our FAQs also.

IFJP Special Sections - "Women, Peace and Security 2020"

The twentieth anniversary of the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda will be celebrated in 2020, two decades after the adoption of the foundational resolution, UN Security Council resolution 1325. The 2020 celebrations of the WPS agenda offer an opportunity to reflect on the current state of WPS research, and to take stock of the existing and emergent developments within the field.

The International Feminist Journal of Politics is proposing to publish two ‘special sections’ of innovative, high-quality research on WPS to mark the anniversary in 2020. The two collections will be organised thematically to form separate, coherent, but linked special sections of two issues of the journal. The theme for each collection may be adjusted depending on the range of submissions received, but it is envisaged that one collection will focus on showcasing cutting-edge research that engages the ‘pillars’ of WPS and the other collection will present more macro-level analyses of the agenda itself and the various forms of implementation and modes of practice through which it is reproduced. Each collection will present 4-5 articles of no more than 7000 words.

This is a call for the submission of abstracts outlining research that would be suitable for publication as part of these linked collections. As well as attention to the United Nations and the Security Council, the collections will present research that deals with new or emergent WPS issues and agents, new forms of implementation at the regional, national, and sub-national levels, civil society action (directly on, complementary to, or against WPS themes), and ‘state of the art’ research on individual WPS pillars and/or the agenda as a whole. Proposals for contributions following the IFJP Conversations format, and suggestions for relevant book reviews, are also welcome.

Submissions from teams of researchers working with activists and/or practitioners are particularly encouraged, as are submissions from early career scholars. Attention will be paid to geographical diversity and diversity of theoretical perspective and methodology when curating the collections.

In order to have your research considered for inclusion, please send an abstract of no more than 350 words to the guest editor, Professor Laura J. Shepherd (University of Sydney):

Your abstract should be accompanied by:

  • Full contact information for all authors

  • Institutional affiliation (where available) for all authors

  • A biographical statement of no more than 5 lines for each author

Please provide the required information in a Word or PDF file as an email attachment. For contributions following the IFJP Conversations format, or book reviews, please contact the guest editor directly to discuss.

Authors will be notified by February 1, 2019 regarding provisional inclusion, and full articles will be due by August 2, 2019. All articles will proceed through the journal’s rigorous double-blind peer review process and the final decision regarding inclusion in the special sections resides with the journal’s editors.